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How Does Digital Marketing
Work for Insurance?

An effective digital marketing strategy has a lot of moving parts. For years, we have helped insurance agencies and affinity insurance groups manage highly successful marketing campaigns.
From writing website and social media content to creating automated email workflows, even retargeting potential customers with digital ads, our tactics get results.

The Texas Medical Association is the country’s largest state medical society. Most Texas physicians are employed by hospitals and receive health coverage as part of their employee benefits package. 

However independent physicians must obtain their own coverage during the annual open enrollment period.

Multi-Faceted Marketing Plan
Using HubSpot in creating and managing
the many parts of the marketing strategy.
Utilized HubSpot to create and execute
the following:

Targeted emails
TMAIT blog
Subscription emails
Retargeting ads
Social media posts
Landing pages

HubSpot Analytics was used to help data

to further refine our program.

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