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Production Services

At CP Digital, we are live event production specialists. From lighting to staging, video to sound, our team of experienced designers and technicians work together to make your next event an impactful and memorable experience


Proper staging is vital to your event’s success. At CP Digital we offer a range of staging solutions from stationary, multi-leveled, or automated to lift, roll or slide. For conferences, large corporate meetings, music festivals and other live events, we will work with your team to develop the staging solution to bring your vision to life.


The creative use of lighting can transform a space and energize your audience. Depending on the experience you want to create, we use a variety of sophisticated lighting techniques from accenting and spotlighting to stage wash, uplighting and dynamic lighting that moves across the backdrop.



Every room has an acoustic signature. The size, shape, furnishings, and physical materials combine to define how sound behaves within the space. Our team of audio professions and state-of-the art equipment will make sure your message reaches your entire audience, from the front row to the back row.


From content capture with live streaming to sizzle pieces that drive attendance for next year’s event, video is an essential part of any successful event. CP Digital offers a range of meeting & event video systems including image magnification, multi-camera production, video image blending, and high-quality video production and editing. The breadth of equipment we use, along with the creativity and experience of our team makes the difference in the end production.

Interactive Technologies


Combining event technologies into one seamless experience is our specialty. Our state of the art technologies allow us to make sure that what you see and hear throughout your venue blends with both the on-screen and physical elements that you are sitting in or walking through. The end result is a immersive, unforgettable experience that will engage your audience as never before.